Friday, November 20th, 2015

Busy Year of Ballroom Dancing

2016 has been what seems like nonstop roller coaster ride of competition after competition. Attending an average of two competitions a month, Christopher and Juanita have established themselves as one of the top Rising Star couples in the country. Here is where they’ve been:

  • Texas Challenge – 2nd Rising Star, 3rd Open
  • Southern States DanceSport Championships – 3rd Rising Star, 6th Open
  • Wisconsin State DanceSport Championships – 5th Rising Star
  • Atlanta Open – 3rd Rising Star
  • Savannah Dance Classic – 2nd Rising Star, 2nd Open
  • Colorado Star Ball – 3rd Rising Star
  • Twin Cities Open – 2nd Rising Star
  • Virginia State Dance Championships – 3rd Rising Star, 3rd Open
  • Volunteer State Dance Championships – 2nd Rising Star, 6th Open
  • Heart of America DanceSport Championships – 2nd Rising Star, 4th Open
  • Cincinnati Dance Classic – 1st Rising Star, 3rd Open
  • Cleveland DanceSport Championships – 3rd Rising Star, 5th Open
  • Caribbean Classic – 4th Rising Star