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  • 2016 Indiana Challenge American Rhythm Open

    2016 Indiana Challenge American Rhythm Open

  • 2016 City Lights Open in San Jose

    2016 City Lights Open in San Jose

    Watch Juanita and Christopher perform in last night’s (Jan. 31) Open American Rhythm final and the Star Rhythm Tour finale solo dance!

    Open American Rhythm Final

    Jump to the 00:55:15 mark to watch the Open American Rhythm Final!

    Star Rhythm Tour Finale Solo Dance

    Jump to the 01:02:30 mark to watch Juanita and Christopher!

  • Watch Us Dance in San Jose, Vote to Help Us Win!

    Watch Us Dance in San Jose, Vote to Help Us Win!


    Today is the day! Tune in to dancebeat.com/m-stream-en  to watch us dance LIVE from the City Lights Open in San Jose, Calif.

    Jan. 31, 2016 at 9:30 p.m. PT – that’s 11:30 p.m. CT

    This is the finale of the Star Rhythm Tour sponsored by DanceBeat. It is being run the same way as the previous legs of the tour. First you will see the regular group competition, and then each finalist couple will perform a solo. The audience can vote for their favorite couple and this time your vote will count TWICE! 

    Voting can be done online at DANCEBEAT.COM from multiple devices.

    You can also vote using your mobile phone!

    1. Text “dancebeat” to the number 22333.
    2. The automatic system will reply.
    3. Reply with our competition number, 103.

    Thank you in advance! We hope you enjoy the show!

  • 2016 Ballroom Dancing Season Kicks Off at Nashville Starz!

    The Nashville Starz Dance Spectacular started competion season with a bang, despite the snowmegedon that befell Nashville! Christopher and several of his students danced well all weekend long. Their hard work and determination in the studio payed off and showed on the dance floor….these ladies all took top places/marks in their single events, championships and scholarships! It also helped Chistopher earn 2nd place Top Teacher. 

    Christopher and Juanita danced in the Rising Star Rhythm on Friday night. Despite the small crowd due to the snow, the couple easily secured 2nd place. The following evening a few more spectators ventured out for the Open events. The Rhythm had a semifinal and Christopher and Juanita came 5th.  

  • Ballroom Competition “Season” Ends in Ohio

    After a busy year, Christopher and Juanita ended their competition season at the Ohio Star Ball. They also started a new partnership with Donna Inc., designer of beautiful Ballroom and Latin gowns. 2016 has nothing but good things in store!!!!

  • Busy Year of Ballroom Dancing

    2016 has been what seems like nonstop roller coaster ride of competition after competition. Attending an average of two competitions a month, Christopher and Juanita have established themselves as one of the top Rising Star couples in the country. Here is where they’ve been:

    • Texas Challenge – 2nd Rising Star, 3rd Open
    • Southern States DanceSport Championships – 3rd Rising Star, 6th Open
    • Wisconsin State DanceSport Championships – 5th Rising Star
    • Atlanta Open – 3rd Rising Star
    • Savannah Dance Classic – 2nd Rising Star, 2nd Open
    • Colorado Star Ball – 3rd Rising Star
    • Twin Cities Open – 2nd Rising Star
    • Virginia State Dance Championships – 3rd Rising Star, 3rd Open
    • Volunteer State Dance Championships – 2nd Rising Star, 6th Open
    • Heart of America DanceSport Championships – 2nd Rising Star, 4th Open
    • Cincinnati Dance Classic – 1st Rising Star, 3rd Open
    • Cleveland DanceSport Championships – 3rd Rising Star, 5th Open
    • Caribbean Classic – 4th Rising Star
  • New Specials Coming Soon!

  • 2015 Volunteer State Dance Challenge – Open American Rhythm

    2015 Volunteer State Dance Challenge – Open American Rhythm

    Christopher and Juanita placed 2nd in the American Rhythm Rising Star last night.

    Tonight in the American Rhythm Open they made it into the final round and placed 6th! Watch videos from tonight’s American Rhythm Open dancing below:

    Open American Rhythm – Semi-Final

    Open American Rhythm – Final

    Open American Rhythm – Finalist Solo Dance

  • Music City Champions

    On a whim, Christopher and Juanita decided last minute to attend the Music City Invitational held at the Opryland Hotel. It turned out to be a good decision….1st place out of a semi!!!!! Check back soon for photos from the event.